Drawings and Floor Plans – Clear Vision Remodeling, Inc. provides Drawings and Floor plans, which are invaluable in designing a home. A quick definition for those not familiar with reading plans: A floor plan is a diagram of a horizontal plane cut through a building, showing one floor. A plan is typically cut at about 4 feet above the floor, so as to include windows in the drawing representation, both two and three-dimensional, as a means to understand buildings and a way to convey ideas to others.

Reading floor plans can be difficult at first for non-architects, but this is a very useful skill to have, especially for those undertaking a project, be it a whole house or just interior changes. Floor plans are one of many two-dimensional drawings architects use (including building sections, elevations and numerous details), but they are best for describing the size and scale of spaces, the relationships between spaces and the movement across a house.

Take a fresh approach to the way you live. Clear Vision Remodeling Inc. can easily plan room additions and other home improvement projects, make your home energy-efficient with new lighting and appliances, breathe new life into an outdated kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, and so much more.

Plans and other two-dimensional architectural drawings are orthographic projections, meaning that all elements are to the same scale. Therefore, no distortion occurs, as it does in perspective drawings, where objects receding in the distance are drawn smaller. Easy example: A plan of a cube would be a square.

To kick off our Design phase, we’ll take the measurements necessary for drawing the floor plan of your existing house. Using your floor plan, our Design Team will create design options specifically for your needs. We’ll present these plans to you on our interactive appointment. Once your final design has been selected, a detailed scope of work will be prepared outlining everything included in your project, and the total associated cost.

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