Electrical can be in the rough phase or in the finish phase.

In the rough phase we have few terms and stages that are important to know:

Electrical Panel – the panel has an electrical power feeds into subsidiary circuits while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure.

Adding more appliances require usually upgrading your panel, there is no enough power to the old panel it is time to change it to 200 AMP!

AC/DC – AC Disconnect is used to separate the inverter from electrical grid. DC Disconnect allows the current between the modules to be interrupted before reaching the inverter.

Outlet – either adding or replacing the cover plates you want to call to our specialties we can replace the wires inside as well.

Cat 5 – If you work from home and you need good signal for your computer networks cat 5 will help you. Have our specialty crew to come and explain you and helping with the installation.

In the finish stage:

Light Fixtures – the various selection of ceiling light, pendant lights are so vast that you can decorate your home to your personal desire.

Ceiling Fans – it looks easy to install but a lot of our customers decided they want us to install after trying themselves. The ceiling fans are one of the finish products that we install when we do complete remodeling.

Security Lighting – protect your home against intruders with outdoor security light.

For all electrical and plumbing services or repairs you can count on Clear Vision Remodeling Inc. for prompt, friendly and professional service. You can trust us – Clear Vision Remodeling’s premier electrical and plumbing contractor. All work and your total satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.

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