Room Addition

Room Addition

If your looking to build out your family room, add an extra bedroom for the kids, second story addition, side room for guests or build out your kitchen Clear Vision Remodeling Inc. has knowledge and expertise in providing you reliable service. Clear Vision Remodeling Inc. has in-house architectural designers that have over 30 years of experience. Understanding clients needs and working together to forge the most optimal design to match or accentuate the home is why it is not a rushed process. You can count on on-site consultation that is professional and insightful.

Throughout the process of room addition you will have the opportunity of a project manager whom will oversee and answer any potential questions. We will provide integrity of build for years to come. Please feel free to call and a friendly response and satisfaction is what our client record would attest to!

A room addition is a win-win solution to all of your space problems. But as with anything, this solution does have its complexity. You have to realize that you are building a mini house. A room addition involves all of the same things that you find in new home construction: foundation, footers, framing, zoning, permitting, HVAC, flooring, plumbing, electrical, new windows, etc. The list goes on and on. Even if you are building a great room or living room (i.e., a room addition without services such as plumbing), you’ve still got other services that you cannot avoid (electrical, heating, cooling, and more).

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